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Thursday | 29th of September | 2.30 to 4.30 pm
Trinitatisgemeinde Blockdiek | Günther-Hafemann-Str. 44 | 28327 Bremen
Upcycling afternoon

We want to make something useful out of discarded things, the so-called „upcycling“. This is climate-friendly and saves resources. This afternoon we want to make „ollas“. This is an irrigation system made of clay pots, so that less water is lost and does not have to be watered so often. Ollas are useful in the garden or on the balcony.

Do you want to be part of it? Then feel free to sign up at 0421/17537072 or by mail at!

Foto: KEH
Thursday | 29th of September | 5.30 to 7 pm
Kultur-Aula | Ilse-Kaisen-Str. 5 | 28327 Bremen
29th Round Table

We invite you to the next round table „Klimaquartier Ellener Hof“. At this event you can get to know the project and the neighborhood and join the discussion. It will be the last round table in the current project form and therefore it will be a kind of conclusion. We will introduce the new project „Klimaquartiere Osterholz“ and would like to determine together how we will meet for round tables in the future. We are looking forward to a large number of participants from the district. 

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Saturday | 29th of October| 3 to 5 pm
School hall Grundschule Düsseldorfer Str. | Düsseldorfer Str. 2A | 28327 Bremen
Clothing swap

Cordial invitation to the clothing swap event! This is in the autumn light and therefore especially warm women’s, men’s and children’s clothes are sought for exchange. We do not exchange 1:1, because everyone can come and take something, even without bringing something and vice versa. Otherwise, accessories and shoes are also possible. Maximum 5 pieces per person and please follow applicable Corona rules.

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Mondays |  weekly |  4 to 7 pm
Electronics repair shop at the Bikestation Ellener Hof | Ilse-Kaisen-Str. 30 | 28327 Bremen
Electronics self-help repair shop

Everyone has the possibility to bring broken electronical devices to the self-help repair shop at the Bikestation. Due to the still ongoing pandemic it is only possible to deliver the devices which will then be inspected and repaired by volunteers. No appointment necessary, please follow the current hygiene rules and bring only clean devices. Last acceptance will be at 6.30 pm.  

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Wednesdays | weekly 9.30 am to 12.30 pm
Kultur-Aula | Ilse-Kaisen-Str. 5 | 28327 Bremen
Sewing Workshops

The open Sewing Workshop at the Kultur-Aula takes place every wednesday on a weekly basis. You can join us every Wednesday between 9.30 am and 12 pm. We will provide you with everything you need to repair broken clothes, upcycle old fashion or design something new from recycled materials. We will also offer workshops on learning how to use a sewing machine and other special workshops. 

Please note the new 2G+ regulations and show a proof at attendance. 

We are looking for additional volunteers to support our team. If you want to give workshops or help out on a regular basis please give us a call (0421-17510311) or send us an email at

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Thursdays | weekly | 2 to 6 pm
Multifunctional Hall Ellener Hof | Ludwig-Roselius-Allee 181A | 28327 Bremen 
Open woodworking workshop

An open woodworking workshop for repair work and other small wood projects is offered in the multifunctional hall every Thursday from 2 to 6 pm. The necessary tools and also some material are already on site as well as workbenches and sufficient space to implement ideas. Two volunteer wood experts are on hand to offer advice and assistance. Some wood scraps have been collected, from which useful things can be upcycled for the garden or the home. Workshops will also be offered in due course. How to get there: Via Ludwig-Roselius-Allee 181, turn right into the construction site road, heading directly for the wooden hall, between the community garden and Hindu Temple.

Foto: Rospek BHS
Fridays | weekly | 2 to 6 pm
Community Garden | Ellener Hof Ludwig-Roselius-Allee 181A | 28327 Bremen 
Community Gardening

We invite everyone to join us building up the community garden. We meet on fridays between 2 and 6 pm for gardening collectively. For further informations about the garden or contacting the garden group send us an email:  

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